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Services to Health

Nominate your healthcare hero.  Do you know someone who’s really made a difference to people’s health during or after the pandemic?  Or an individual who’s gone above and beyond in their job, or as a volunteer?  Nominate them to show them they’re appreciated!

Community Award
Bridlington is full of community-minded people who care about the town they live in and want to see it thrive.  Your nomination could be to recognise someone’s contribution to our community, through work, volunteering or as part of a community group.  We all benefit from their efforts, let’s show them we’re thankful!

Disability Sport Award
Let’s not forget that all elite sport starts at the grassroots level.  Do you know someone pursuing their dreams in disability sport, or supporting an individual or team to do so? Get your nominations in to recognise their contribution to disability sport.

Teacher of the Year
We want to recognise the teachers that inspire kids to get active, stay healthy and participate in sport for life.  Nominate teachers who have been an inspiration this past year and gone above and beyond.

Unsung Hero
We all know one.  That person who keeps the club, centre, team, league, organisation, event or fundraising efforts going. There are unsung heroes throughout community sport, in every aspect of delivery.  Nominate your hero to show them they matter.

Coach of the Year
Grassroots coaching is made up of hundreds of volunteers who coach for the love of the sport, to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm, to give something back to their sport and the community, and often to give children and young people the same opportunities they themselves enjoyed as youngsters. Recognise their contribution by nominating a coach you think is hitting the mark.

Paul Grainger Award  - Team/Club of the Year 

This year, many teams and clubs are simply deserving of recognition for their perseverance and resilience during the pandemic.  Some will deserve recognition for a particular success or achievement. Some will deserve recognition for progress or persistence.  If you think a team or club deserves recognition for delivering something special this year, tell us why. This award is given in conjunction with The Paul Grainger Foundation, recognising Paul's passion and belief in grassroots sports, and will be presented by his wife Leanne.

Lifetime Achievement - Sport
There’s many who come and go in sport, but those that dedicate their lives should be recognised.  Do you know someone who should be recognised for their lifelong contribution?  Tell us all about them, they could be our prestigious lifetime achievement winner!

Sports person of the Year (Junior and Adult)
Sport isn’t always about individual achievement, but sometimes individual success, progress, contribution or hard graft should be recognised and rewarded.  Is someone in your team/club/session a superstar? Playing out of their skin?  Showing real progress?  Putting the training hours in?  Always boosting team morale?  Show them they are appreciated!


Service Excellence Award:

This category can acknowledge volunteers who consistently demonstrate outstanding commitment, reliability, and dedication in their service. It recognises individuals who go above and beyond in fulfilling their roles, making a significant impact on the organisation or community.


Innovation and Creativity Award

Recognise volunteers who bring fresh ideas, innovative solutions, and creative approaches to addressing challenges. This category celebrates individuals who contribute to the organisation's growth and effectiveness through inventive thinking and problem-solving.


Community Impact Award

Highlight those who have made a substantial positive impact on the community through their efforts. This could include those who have organised successful community outreach programs, contributed to local development, or positively influenced the lives of others in a meaningful way.


Team Collaboration Award

Acknowledge volunteers who excel in working collaboratively with others. This category recognises individuals who foster a positive team spirit, actively engage with fellow volunteers, and contribute to a harmonious and cooperative working environment.


Bridlington Junior Hero Award* (up to 18 years old).


Bridlington Hero Award* (18 years plus). 


*Can be a standalone nomination or from any of the above categories if the judges see fit to nominate.

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